Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Awesome Face Scrub Cleanser!

Before having my son, as a teen I would never have to worry about waking up with a pimple on my face. Now that I'm getting older I feel that there's always a little surprise on my face to look forward to in the morning! Grrr! >:[
I hate hate hate when I break out, I try to watch what I eat, I wash my face twice a day and clean my face with Cleansing Pads throughout the day and I try not to touch my face just so I wont break out. I've tried all kinds of cleansers, foaming face wash, and all the brands on the shelf, even the popular Morning Burst, but NOthinG EVER helps. It has got to the point where I wont let my son or my man even touch my face, its sad.
So, yesterday I went to Walgreens to buy my son some chap stick (his lips are all cracked out and bleeding, everyday!)since he realllly needed it. While I was there I decided once again to try a different Clearasil Cleanser that had a big "NEW" sticker on it. Well, let me tell you, I used it last night before I went to bed and it left my face feeling as soft as you can ever imagine! I absolutely loved it!! I even asked my man to touch my face to feel the softness :) of course he looked at me as if I was loosing my mind since he is forbidden from touching my face. lol Well, he didnt touch it but I was absolutely amazed, my face actually felt clean. So the 2nd thing I just had to do this morning, (1st was take my son to school) I just had to share the fact that this "new" face scrub is amazing. Those of you who might have similar problems to mine, you would probably love this as much as I do. :)