Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Time!

Hi ya'll,

My computer is still down but I've managed to get my hands on one to vent a little..

Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone kept safe while bringing in the new year!
My New Year's celebrating was OK, I was with family and I got to dance with my fiance for the first time in 7 years!! LOL can you believe that? We were always so shy around each other when it came to busting some moves. LOL It was absolutely lovely, I'm head over heels in love with him all over again. :)

So, backtracking to Christmas...I can actually say that this was probably the first Christmas that I enjoyed as a family of 3. Don't get me wrong, I always love spending time with family and loved ones on Christmas, but this time, I think my son actually understood who Santa is and what he does. My son tried to be on his best behavior during the month of December so he felt that he deserved all the gifts that he got. It was so heart warming. AND..I video taped the whole day which was very exciting until I got to my mother in-laws. I wont even go there..It's a whole notha' story when it comes to that lady!
Anyway, I overall enjoyed my Christmas & New Year's with my One & 1/2 Men! :)

New Year's Resolution(s):

I'm one of those people who always make a New Years Resolution but never keep my word. This year, I really hope I accomplish what I want.

1. I need to start a new relationship with my Dad. He's fallen off the face of the Earth several times and I feel that I am now old enough to tell him he's in or out!

2. Video tape my son. I've been really stubborn about having to use my digital camera as a video recorder. I really want a camcorder but I feel that if I keep waiting for one my son will be 18! LOL I wan't to cherish his precious moments, so I need to start recording him!

3. I definitely need to drop some of this body cushion! Actually, the number I see on the scale I'm not to worried about, It's my reflection that scares me. LOL

4. Pay my bills!

5. Start planning a freakin' wedding already!! LOL It's been 4 years that I've been engaged and we have done absolutely nothing.

Thats it. There's more, but I feel that these are my top 5. :)

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pam said...

Have fun planning your wedding, what an exciting time!!

Pay bills is a great one too!

Happy New Year, Pam