Monday, November 17, 2008

I think I got it.

So far so good. After about 4 hours of working on my blog page, I think it's turning out to be O.K. It was easier than it seemed although I'm still having some difficulties. One thing that is just bugging the heck out of me is the the left sidebar!! I see other blog pages with 3 columns and I want 3 columns too!! Help Welcome! :)

So I've been thinking about creating a blog for quite sometime now and it finally happened. I couldn't seem to find the time to do so, but today was the perfect day since both my son and hubs were gone. I've had a few reasons to why I just had to do this.

First of all I want to host giveaways! Hosting seems like so much fun and I just love the feeling of giving. As of now, I havent had any donations or requests to review products and with that being, I've decided to go out and buy something myself and offer it as a giveaway! (come back for details!)

I also wanted to do this because me and my sister are going to start selling some awesome handmade things! We've put a lot of thought into this and she unfortunately is STILL thinking about it but I know that it'll be a hit and she wont regret it. So as soon as we have some available products, they'll also be up for giveaways and for sale at reasonable prices.

3rd: Who DOESN'T need a place to vent? Well, I do. I'd rather talk about certain issues that I've come to experience with other moms who may have also experienced something similar. Like..hmm...Your 5 year old boy asking "what are these?" while poking at your breast?..Yeah, that's another story! YIKES!!

I basically wanted to do this for the blogging, selling, giving & reviewing. I guess that would of been a simple way of putting it, too bad I'm not a simple gal.

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