Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mattel Giveaway

Sandra has not 1, not 2 but 7 toys to giveaway from Mattel!!
This is an awesome giveaway and I know that she has at least has 3 gifts up for grabs that you can cross off your child's Christmas list! She is offereing both boys and girls toys. She has a cool Hot Wheels Volcano Shoot out for your boy and also an interesting Walking, Talking Lightning McQueen-Cars Movie Character. Let me not forget the Cars-Mini Adventures pack!! Now for the girls; Whats better then Barbie?? Sandra has up to 4 different Barbie toys! My personal favorite has to be the 2008 Holiday Barbie-I just love the elegant gown! How about some make up fun with Barbie Candy Glam Style station? Yup, she got it. Also up for grabs is Barbie® doll’s Party Cruise and Barbie Care N' Cure! Tooooooo Coooool-Hurry up now, Contest ends November 28th @ Sandra's!!

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